Welcome to the new online home of ‘HTP’ – Hi-Torque Performance!

Hi-Torque Performance was a company formed in 2005, after seeing an opening in the market for a ‘Drive-In/Drive-Out’ performance workshop on the Gold Coast. Starting with a single hoist and a two-wheel drive dyno, we managed to find the right guy to fit in to our new workshop – Ash Mason. With years of experience in all makes and models, alongside Dallas Dalton, we had the perfect team to complete any size job. The workshop grew from there to have Kent Dalton in full time day-to-day office operations, and Mal Dalton as our in-between service tech, parts delivery and generally helping out wherever he could.

Venturing into the LS1 market, we currently hold the fastest manual, cam-only LS1 in the country, with 11.60 seconds at 119/mph. We also claimed the fastest manual LS in Queensland, with 10.60 seconds at 129/mph.

HTP had a massive presence at the local Powercruise events, and had debuted the new VZ Maloo belonging to Geoff Taunton. Firstly with a 427ci procharged engine, and then upgrading to a single turbo combo GT55 making 1000rwhp, this vehicle won back-to-back powerskid comps. In turn, this lead to building a more streetable version of DESAM8.

A massive amount of iconic vehicles started to come out of the HTP stables – LOLYF, WARLOC, OBLTR8, BG90, OVN427, REVNGE, and ONPSI, to name a few.

HTP built the very well known OVK253, leaving a lot of turbocharged Commodores in its wake, and to this day, still a hard one to beat at the local Powercruise events.

Big year for Hi-Torque Performance with the major task of building a new vehicle for Powercruise owner (Gup); by engineering a Sonny’s 727ci engine into his VE Clubsport, with all the factory HSV perks (airconditioning, power steering, cruise control, etc). This vehicle was the first of its kind in Australia, and still the only engine of its size to be retro-fitted into a late model Commodore.

Debut of VL Walkinshaw ‘MONSTR’ and new edition of LOLYF – a VF R8 with 1200+rwhp.

Winners of the Motor Magazine ‘Tuner Challenge’ in Sydney, as well as the build of the infamous MRGRPA. HTP also built a new Mustang for Hot Wheels team and took 4WD tuning to a whole new level.

Things are only going to get bigger and better!

We look forward to taking you along for the ride!