Hi-Torque Performance HSV Senator – Hot Tuner Challenge 2016

Debuted at Hot Tuner Challenge, Hi-Torque Performance wowed the crowds with the Gen-F2 HSV Senator ‘BADNWS‘. In complete opposition to the absolute weapon ‘LOLYF’ they attended the previous event with, BADNWS provides an amazing all-round performance experience, both on and off the street.

Director Kent Dalton certainly showed his competitors how building and driving a serious performance vehicle is done! BADNWS is a factory supercharged LSA engine that can be daily driven, while still providing one hell of a good time on the track. The vehicle owner, Shane Ross, “wanted something he could drive on weekends and have a bit of fun with.”

Well-known for their ability to provide world-class modifications to performance engines, Hi-Torque Performance is fast becoming an unbeatable leader in their field!

Supercharger Kit $13,000
E85 Fuel System $3,000
Headers $4,000
Suspension $3,300
Total Mods Cost $23,300

Vehicle Cost $92,990
Overall Cost $116,290

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