Team HTP

At Hi-Torque Performance, we are fortunate enough to be staffed by some of the most experienced people in the industry.  Several members of our team have previously owned their own workshops, and know the quality of service and workmanship our customers not only want, but very much deserve.
Kent Dalton

Kent Dalton

Business Owner & Sales Manager

Kent is the original ‘face’ of Hi-Torque Performance.  His role is not only the overall running of the business, but facilitating the ongoing research and development required, to ensure Hi-Torque Performance continues to offer the most reliable, high quality products and packages, in a constantly developing industry.  Kent also puts continuous time into managing the way the business is both marketed and branded, to protect their excellent reputation within the industry, and promote their skills on a wider stage.

A key member of the ‘Hotwheels Stuntz Inc’ team in his spare time, Kent is now gaining recognition for the business, not only from sponsorship and engineering aspects, but building a profile as one of two main stunt drivers in the Hotwheels Drift Utes.  With this under his belt, Kent has now propelled the Hi-Torque brand directly onto the global stage.

Kent is still very much a part of the day-to-day sales team, however he is also presently focusing on the growth of their rapidly expanding business, all while exploring ways to be innovative in a competitive marketplace, and build new opportunities and profile.

Dallas Dalton

Dallas Dalton

Dyno Tuner & Engine Builder (also owner)

aaDallas is a fully qualified engine builder, whose skills have been proven countless times, by the quality of vehicles Hi-Torque has repeatedly produced.  When he’s not assembling engines in our purpose built room, or swinging spanners with other team members on the workshop floor, he is working alongside Kent with research and development projects.

Dallas’ ‘think outside the box’ attitude, has lead the team to create and test some of the most innovative performance combinations in the industry.  Not to mention, his skills have been required behind the scenes at widely publicised events, on seriously high profile vehicles.

Many will even know Dallas’ own project vehicle, that has housed several engine combinations and characters.  You will be hard-pressed to find someone who can not only build engines to the standard Dallas produces, but also has the on-track skills Dallas has, to successfully test them.


Chris Apeltaur

Sales Manager and Operation Manager 

Chris is a qualified underbody speciliest and has owned a Pedders franchise on the goldcoast, and been apart of the performance industry for over 25years . Having knowleagde of customer service , marketing and workshop logistics chris’s role keeps him busy everyday here at Hi-Torque Performance. Chris is always on hand in the office to quote or book your vehicle in and also makes alot of the decisions in the office. Chris also answers most phone calls and the first face when arriving at Hi-Torque Performance, having built a lot of vehicles himself he knows how to quote and whats needed 


Joel Muldoon

Workshop Manager 


Daniel Borg

Workshop Mechanic


Liam Eicke 

Apprentice Mechanic

Plus a team of experienced office and workshop staff, that all bring their own individual skills and abilities, to make Hi-Torque Performance the successful business it is today!