Australia's Leading One Stop Performance Car Store

If it’s horsepower you’re after, you have come to the right place, we churn out to our national customer base some of the toughest and most respected vehicles in the country.

We carry, install and race on the world’s leading performance car products. From our factory in Queensland’s Gold Coast,  we provide a range of services from taking care of your  log book service to installing supercharger or turbo kits, fuel system upgrades, performance engines or a custom dyno tune.......If quality and care along with the desired result is what you need, then look no further.…..we are the shop.

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We stock and race on...

leading brands

EXCAV8 - Power Skid

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TUFF800 - Dyno Run

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We love torque

If you have a video of a car that has been to our workshop and you want to see it here, contact us and we would be happy to put it up.

EXCVA8 - Dyno Run

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LOLYF - Dyno Run

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new Product No 2

1st: VZ SS 1025 rwhp thumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
4th: BA XR6T 860 rwhppic1thumbthumbthumbthumb

2nd: VY Maloo 911 rwhp thumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
4th: VE SS 827 rwhp pic3thumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumb

3rd: VE SS 901 rwhp pic2thumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
6th: BF Typh.. 780 rwhp pic3thumbthumb

What makes us so great?

We live and breathe cars, and horsepower is our passion. We walk the extra mile with every customer to ensure satisfaction, our customers tell us that our services is “unequalled” but if that isn’t enough, we stock a wide range of parts, to do work on wide range of cars, from Holden’s and Ford’s to Mazda’s and Toyota’s.
Check out some of the reasons why more and more petrol heads are choosing Hi-Torque every day:

Engine Building



  • Brake/Diff/Suspension
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Engine Building/Modifying
  • Forced Induction
  • LS1/LS2/LS3/LSX Engine
  • Transmission Upgrades
  • Turbocharging

Why Hi-Torque?

  • 6 month service warranty
  • National towing and shipping
  • After hours pick up/drop off
  • Combined experience of over 60 years
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Performance package discounts
  • Trade enquiries welcome

What we can do

Hi-Torque Performance specialise in all performance engines from your everyday drive car to drag cars. Hi-Torque engines are all built in-house in a sealed assembly room. The results gained from our work on LSX and Ford engines speak for themselves. We have a range of engine packages available for your all your needs. Whether it be a well-mannered torque monster engine or a 2000hp drag engine, Hi-Torque Performance can build just what you need.

Haul your car to us, or we can ship parts to you.......

Regardless of where you and your car may reside, we can haul your street machine to our workshop or ship the performance parts to you, anywhere in the country.

Nationwide towing/shipping

TNT Automotive Logistics

We have many inter-city and inter-state customers with varying, yet specific needs, such as low profile clearance, enclosed transport and transporting with stuff in car. We choose ‘TNT Automotive Logistics’ that cover most of the needs and issues faced by our customers.

Other Services

  • LS1, LS2, LS3, LSX Engine
  • Ford Performance
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Supercharging
  • Turbocharging